College or the Course?

As a student about to enter a graduation course there is so much pressure about making the right decision for yourself, as it defines your future career path. Choices are very important for a career and career is very vital for an individual. So, making a correct choice of choosing a right college and a right course are the two important decisions one has to make.

Sometimes it so happens that you might want to go to a college, but you are not interested in the course they are offering and vice versa. In such a case, here’s how you can calculate how to make a decision depending on the information you have.

The College

The most common way to check for the credulity of any college, is through its reputation.  Zero in on all the colleges that you want to apply for which you might have heard through friends, teachers, idols, family etc., and do your research on them by

  • Visiting their website online.
  • Checking their accreditation grade
  • Checking out the alumni of the college

After this research, take suggestions from your family and teacher. Keep you fear of being judged aside, and talk to them about your future plans. Having been through all of this process themselves, they would be helpful.

Divide your choice of colleges into three categories:

  • Top colleges that you really want to get into but which require a lot effort for they have a high cut off
  • Colleges that you are happy to attend and you can with your best efforts
  • Colleges to go to, when all else fails

Segregating your choices like this, will give you a reality check and your chances and your opportunities.

The Course

Selecting the course might seem very tricky, but it is actually simpler than you think. Compare your educational goals, your interests and your abilities with the courses offered. Choose the one that is the most in sync with your ambitions. Keep in mind your previous course of study while doing so.

Additionally, also research on the faculty that is assigned to your course to expect what kind of mentors you’d get. If you find more than one course appealing, check for a diploma or a choice of subject minor so that you can pursue both.

The most important thing, however, is to compare both the choice of courses and your colleges. Keep looking until you find a combination of both in your select categories. Understand that most universities/ colleges are flexible to their students’ needs. Hence, getting in touch with them and asking your doubts can be very helpful.