Career Options For Computer Science (Engineering) Students!

Below are few career options for computer science (Engineering) graduates, soon they come out of their colleges. This stream provides a variety of exciting employment opportunities in some of the best Multi-National Companies in the world.

Top 5 Career Options For Computer Science Students

1.Software Engineer

Most of the computer graduates work under this title. A software engineer design’s web applications and the programmer execute it. A software engineer follows a systematic approach to understanding the application requirements and comes up with tech solutions as per the client/customer requirement.

2. Graphic Designer

Front end designers spend their time creating the “look and feel” of the web applications with the knowledge of software packages like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, these professionals are also expected to know HTML, CSS, and the JavaScript.

3. Software Tester

A good software tester is expected to have a working knowledge of tools like QTP (Quick Test Professional), Load runner and other software’s. The industry is full of opportunities for automation and performance testers.

4. Mobile Application Developer

Mobile app developers are paid more. Skills required in this area are C, C++, and Java.

5.Computer Programmer:

He deals with the programming, coding. Basic skills required for this job are C and Java.

There are many top software companies which are recruiting the CSE students based on their subject percentage, technical skill and communication skill.

Some of the top companies recruiting CSE students are…

These top companies recruit the candidates either through the campus recruitment process or through the recruitment drives and offer an annual CTC of about 4-5 lakhs package a year.

So, guys get well versed with the above courses and skills to get placed in some of the leading companies and lead a happy life.
– U.Charitha Reddi