Career In Journalism – New Age Readers, Upgraded Journalists!

We all know that India is a young country with 40% of its population aged between 16-36 years, who love electronic gadgets and spend their valuable time on them.

As in our epics said, Yashoda once viewed this universe & its activities through the opened mouth of Lord Krishna, our modern-day public are watching the daily activities of this world live on their smartphones!

They are getting every piece of information in a fraction of seconds on their finger tips in all forms of mediums.They’re not just reading it, but are also reacting to it in the form of likes, shares and comments, which is a good sign of spreading awareness!

With these modern gadgets the age-old process of reading newspapers, books, TV News, listening to radios, everything just got ripped off into an one modern gadget called “Smart Phone”! With the invent of 4G and 5G technologies the above information flow has become even faster!

What is New Media or Multimedia?
The mixture of all three mediums ‘Audio, Video and Text with images’ is called as Multimedia and if this multimedia carry news It is called New Media/web media.

The news will be aired on three different platforms as said above, to reach different segments of public, among them new media is growing ever faster!

A movie can be viewed not only in a theatre or on a tv but can also be viewed on a mobile! Here, though the movie is same, the medium is different. Similarly, news can be read in a newspaper, watched on a TV and can be read on the web, but every medium requires a dedicated content aggregator, therefore there is a big vacuum for trained professionals in this industry.

There are apps, websites, video sites all over the world to deal with the above in one go.

Growth of Indian Media

Indian media is growing very rapidly day by day! Still, there is a huge scope for new media to serve, as all media are getting branched off with a new dedicated & specialized content in every particular segment/module in all regional languages and you can imagine its growth!

On the other hand, the literacy rate in the country is increasing at a rapid rate! The penetration of internet into rural areas is growing at a faster pace, the digital gadgets are getting cheaper with each passing day. So, the career in multimedia/ journalism is going to skyrocket with proper training in this segment!

Media Statistics In Last 5 Years!

  • Indian media have seen 5% growth rate in the print circulation!
  • TV channels have increased by 4 fold (1000+ channels now).
  • New media (Internet) has grown to the greatest with 50% of its growth!
  • The above figures show the curiosity for news in the modern & young age group.
  • According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), from 2019, ABC is going to rank the websites based on its clicks, page views and time spent on both text and video and image content!

Career In Multimedia Journalism and Job opportunities
As India is a large democratic country and it is growing larger with each passing year, the logical interpretation & questioning among people is increasing at a rapid rate for each and every incident at every nook and corner, the demand for reporting is huge in this country!

As the demand for the information gathering is increasing, the future is turning-out to be bright for those guys who are interesting in reporting, photography, video editing, anchoring, moderating debates and analyzing every piece of information!

So, If you ever want to be a powerful citizen in this powerful world, the doors are open for you in the form of web media journalist among different media houses in the country. Which you can take up as a profession if not interested in the core side.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad