Career in Gaming industry

Career in Gaming industry

A career in gaming is not only limited to just playing games and championship battles. There are diverse careers in gaming to choose from and you can actually be a part of this exciting gaming industry. For instance, Video Game Developers/Designers write and debug codes to develop games for different platforms. They determine the design and basic concept of the game as well as the story and sketch of how the game will look like.

Apart from determining the basic functioning of video games and programming, a game developer also tests and evaluates the games; looks for bugs and errors in the design and programming of the game. But game developers and designers’ work involves more than just design and development. Video Game Development is complex and involves creativity and logical reasoning.

The entire game development team consists of a programmer, writer, audio programmer, level designer, animator, modeler, license support engineer and software engineer. 

  • Game Animator: Ever experienced those graphics and animations in games that present out-of-world picturesque? Well, the masters behind these graphics and designs are Game Animators, who design, animate, and re-create game characters and objects. They combine technology with art and create interactive animated environments and images for video games.


  • Game Producer: A video game producer is involved in the planning, coordinating, and supervising the entire game-development cycle. They are part editors, part producers, part managers of the product. They perform the major task of scheduling, budgeting, developing, editing, and licensing of the project to scale. A video game producer is the one to help guide the project towards a final shelf date.


  • Audio Engineer: The overall look and experience of a video game rely on audio quality. Therefore, as video game audio/sound engineers, you will be working on the soundtrack of the entire game i.e. the sound effects, ambiances, voice over, background music, etc. to enhance the gaming experience as per the directions of the game producer.


  • Creative Director: Video game creative directors are responsible for the overall look and feel of a game. They manage all the aspects of the game, starting from creating the concept of the game until its final completion. As a video game creative director, you will look after these aspects: gameplay, audio and visual style, story, and narrative, as well as marketing elements. Many people who wish to pursue a successful career in gaming and want to stay connected to the gaming industry often aspire to become a creative director.


  • Game Designer: The role of a game designer is to create the narrative features, design storylines, character bio, and other elements involved in designing the video game. Therefore, as a Game Designer, you will be involved in designing the artwork for visual game aspects like characters, graphics, tools, and weapons.


  • Game Programmer: Video game programmers are involved in the development of codebases for video games. They work primarily on game development tools and gaming programs. Therefore, as a game programmer, you will work extensively on game programming which requires expertise in coding and software programming. This is one of the most preferred choices for those looking for a career in gaming.


  • Games Artist: Ever see the three-dimensional characters and other graphics in a video game? Well, these are created by Games Artist. As a Games Artist, you would create the 2D and 3D art for all the visual elements of the video game. These include characters, vehicles, backgrounds, objects, textures, clothing, and coloring. A Games Artist basically handles the visual experience of the entire video game and enhances the elements of the game with assistance from game designers and creative directors.


  • Lead Artist: Lead Artists are involved in developing and driving the original and innovative art style of the entire video game. They work in almost all verticals to establish technical as well as aesthetic norms for art in the game. They also focus on console interface designing, flow and usability of gaming features.

If you happen to have a creative bent of mind and a tad analytical and technical, then go for a career in gaming and stick to the artist in you and work up the ladder to become a lead artist.

  • Writer: A writer for video games is one of the latest and trending career options in gaming as you get to write scripts, narratives, storylines, dialogues and other technical writings for the video game.

As a writer for video games, you are also involved in creating unique characters and gripping screenplays for enhancing the video gaming experience. By entering a career in gaming as a writer, not only you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity but also a chance to explore diverse roles within the writing.


  • Game Tester: The role of a video game tester is no less different from a professional gamer in the sense they play video games. As a Game Tester, you play the game, complete all the levels and test the game on the basis of user experience, bugs, errors, voice-overs, dialogues, speed and other elements to make sure the video game is error-free. Therefore, if you wish to be a part of the gaming industry, then becoming a Game Tester could be a great option.


 A career in gaming when looked at from the perspective of salary and reward, offers endless opportunities for professionals. As various championships and tournaments are held internationally, cash prizes and rewards are usually higher. If you are interested in a career in gaming but are not really a pro-gamer yet want to pursue a career within this industry, and then hang on. You can choose any of the above career paths. Moreover, a game developer salary in India is good. Salaries and other perks for a career in gaming depend majorly on the gaming companies, skills, and level of expertise.

Expertise and educational qualifications add a lot of value. For instance, with a Masters or Postgraduate degree, a game developer salary in India is comparatively higher than that of the graduates in similar fields.

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