We often get into confusion about the important areas to focus, when we face campus placements. The following areas make a difference in our preparation for campus placements.

Back To The Roots: A lot of candidates tend to ignore this, basic engineering topics – that you’ve studied over the last 2-3 years. All of your efforts will go waste if you lack the basic knowledge of these subjects. Forget mugging up and reproducing or something that you’re used to do for the exams. But, revise all the subjects ‘for campus placements’!

Pick Your Favorite Engineering Subject / Topic:- Interviewers make their job easier by asking you for your favorite engineering subject. Now, you should really be very well prepared to handle this question. Once you tell the interviewers your favorite topic; expect a few questions related to it. It’s natural that you should be prepared to answer questions on your favorite subject or topic. If you haven’t already decided, it’d be worth going back to all the topics and find out the one which you found the most interesting.

Aptitude Tests :

This is where the first eliminations will begin – the aptitude tests. Lot of engineering students fear the aptitude tests. But the fact is that there’s nothing to worry about because it’s *VERY EASY* to crack aptitude tests. All it takes is practice! Yep! You read that right.

Just keep on practicing and in a month or two – you will solve all the aptitude questions like a pro. Don’t expect to master the aptitude skills in just a week or two. At least 1.5-2 months is the minimum required time.

One thing you can definitely do is skip the harder topics; like for most of the students, questions on permutations and combinations, probability are difficult. So skip them! But at the same time, make sure you’re very good at cracking all the other types of Aptitude questions.

Written & Spoken English: 

You like it or not; but the Indian job markets demand people who can speak and write correct English. Unfortunately – very few people pay attention to their communication skills. If you think you need to sharpen your English speaking / writing skills; then NOW is the time to do it. It’s going to help you in your entire career. Trust me, a lot of people unnecessarily get rejected because they can’t communicate or express themselves.

Interview (Technical): 

If you’re good at engineering topics (tip #1), then cracking the technical interview won’t be a problem. There are several tips here on CE that will help you crack the technical interviews. It’s better to ask your doubts in our technical discussion sections ( no matter how basic they are) and get your ideas clear.

Interview (HR): 

If you think that clearing aptitude and technical rounds ensures that you’re selected, then wait a minute – many times, overconfident candidates get rejected in HR interviews – something that shouldn’t happen to you. So take the HR interviews seriously!

But that doesn’t mean you should have a serious expression on your face. All you’re expected in an HR interview is to be yourself, have a smiling face, don’t be over confident and be excited about the things. Don’t overdo anything!

If you have any questions or doubts about cracking the campus recruitment’s season; post them below. Wish you all the best!

Build Your Skills Showcase Portfolio:– When there are thousands of other engineering students preparing for the same job that you are preparing for, your chances of getting selected are going to be down. How do you stand out from the competition? Well, the answer is simple.

“Do something others aren’t doing in order to be unique and different and achieve your goal”

Wilfred Peters