“The most important days in our life are the day we born and the other day is when we find out why?” Just follow your passion, is a fast food of life advice, it’s quick & easy but it doesn’t break down and give your body any nutritional value.

With so many options, I was frozen with choice and I feel that if I took one step I would be turning my back on the rest. I was stuck, I was frustrated and I was confused. I didn’t need to know what my passion was, what I needed with some clarity on who the person I am?

I accomplished this with the below questions. Below are the questions I asked myself that I attribute to my clarity. I hope this helps you as it has helped me. Enjoy.


1.Who do you admire & why? Write down the similarities!

We all like someone. We all admire someone. We would all trade places with someone. Who are these people and why do you like them? Maybe they’re all creators. Maybe they’re all funny. Maybe you like their social impact. Whatever it is, try to find a theme in the people you admire. This should add clarity as to qualities you like in people and what you would like for yourself.

2.What are you most proud of?

Was is that killer burrito you made? The one with the habaneros? The one that felt like you were shitting fire? The one where you needed to call the plumber and the bastard charged you 500 dollars. Is that you or is that me. Perhaps it was a garden you started. Maybe it was how you helped your little sister with her homework or taught the new guy a skill at work. Whatever it is, simply know that everyone is proud of something and the pride you felt was feeling you accomplished.

The truth is, whatever made you feel proud doesn’t need to be big or world changing but it needs to be something that brought you joy no matter how small. This is a great insight into yourself.

3.What do you do in your free time?

Aside from taking dumps, watching Netflix and persuading people you have the funniest cat in the universe, in-no-particular-order, mind you, you likely spend your free time doing something. What is that something? Write it down. If money wasn’t an issue, write down what you would do in your free time. This should tell you what you gravitate towards.

4. Things that you don’t want to do?

It can be hard to figure out what you want to do, but it isn’t hard to figure out what you don’t want to do. Do you know the jobs that make you want to scream? The jobs that you absolutely dread the thought of doing? It might be a good idea to avoid those. Whatever you don’t want to do, please write it down. Eliminating options will automatically give you more clarity.

5.What are you more curious about?

For whatever strange reason people dry off curiosity from their body, like a swimmer using a towel after a race. Kick that, stay curious. What are you curious about? What are you interested in learning about? What can you lose your time researching? This is a gateway to your interest my friends.

6. What would make you proud, thinking about it almost scares you?

Oh yes, the big dreams. What are they? What is something that you could accomplish that would make you beam with a smile? What are the dreams that you’re afraid to admit? The ones you don’t admit out loud because you think they’re unrealistic. Newsflash, if someone accomplished something without having a superpower, you too can. In a year from now, if everything went well and you were extremely happy, what you would have needed to happen to put a smile on your face? This will help you with a clarity big time.

7.What’s a common characteristic in the friends you make?

This was shocking to me because it was as clear as the day that all my true friends have the same theme in common; they’re funny. This little question will show you what environment you would like to surround yourself with.

8.What activities make you loose track of time?

Imagine this, you’re working on a project when you look down and suddenly you’re two hours in the future. You’re shocked. “Where did the time go?” you ask yourself as you force yourself to go eat dinner because you skipped it as you were lost in the activity (Kind of like what happened to me writing this). Those activities you lose your time are generally the ones you love and should be noted.

9. If money and fame didn’t matter, and you all had your needs met, what would you do?

I’m assuming you want to be rich and famous. Who doesn’t want that? Welcome to planet earth. Now do me a favor and forget about this. What would you do if you didn’t need the money, and you were already famous? This should be something that you would do because it makes you super happy. Whatever this is, write it.

10. What jobs would you apply to?

Have you ever been looking for a job and you saw a job you were excited about? Yeah? That’s a pretty damn good indication of what you would like to be doing. What are the jobs that would make you jump you off with joy if you landed them? Note that, and write it down.

Put all the above together!

So now, that you’ve spent this time analyzing yourself, what did you come up with? Are you noticing the theme? Good My friends, you’re on your way. The more questions you ask yourself, the more you’ll know yourself.

Manogna Reddy