6 Ways to Improve Your English Grammar

We all know that nowadays English is a must for all the official purposes in this world. So, in order to get good at it, one should have a good command over the language. But English grammar is as such, where no matter how many times you learn it still you forget it or make mistakes due to its complexity and exceptional rules. Below are a few tips to get good command over the language.

6 Ways to Improve Your English Grammar

  • Put your vocabulary in use

See you all know this proverb that ‘words don’t come easy’, one must memorize its meaning, and put in use often only then you’ll find it in yourself and keep learning new words all your life, that’s the only way to get a good grip over the language.

  • Speak Slowly

When you talk you other people in English (preferably higher officials), observe their sentence construction, how they think and express in English and you don’t try to speak in the same speed in the initial phase of your learning, just try speaking correctly.

  • Think before you speak

If you don’t think before you speak, you’ll commit mistakes by speaking wrong English. So, try to give a well-structured answer in proper English at the initial phases of your career, if your rush to speak…you’ll be laughed at your mistakes.

  • Learn certain fixed idioms and phrasal verbs

Like every language, English too has got its own set of expressions and phrases that are unique to it, so learn some popular set of expressions and idioms that will make your learning easier and native to the English speakers. This will help you boost your confidence levels as well.

  • Learn sentence not just words

When you learn English by reading books and papers, don’t just learn the meanings but learn the sentences. It will help you to understand the underlying logic in its construction which is a key to learning correct English.

  • Listen more

We all know that the learning of any language has a process called LSRW skills, that is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. So, please follow the above order to learn it and not the other way around. One has to listen more English, then speak it, then read it and then write. Now the correction becomes easier with the above process at every stage.

Hope, you’ll get a good grip over English grammar with the above tips and regular practice, all the best.

-Hemachandra Prasad