5 Tips For Proper Behavior at Workplace!

Hi All! As an engineering student, you all know how to behave in an interview, how to answer a tricky question and so on. But there are a few important things that you should know for sure before you enter your first job.

5 Things To Follow At Your Work Place

Firstly, an employee appearance speaks volumes about his attitude, body language and his passion for learning that he’ll suit the workplace or not? Your appearance is an indirect communication about your commitment to the job.

Punctuality is the next big thing that tells who you are at the workplace and what is workplace to you. Your punctuality shows your respect for your job. It also helps you maintain proper productive work-time and personal time.

Speaking louder: Don’t speak louder, while you are at work or while you are talking to your colleagues or clients over the phone. Please be a little polite and maintain a low tone when you speak to them, the other person can only hear your voice and understand your words when you say it clearly. Also, choose your words carefully and then talk.

Try to be helpful to your colleagues in the office because we don’t know from which way, we get a problem and from where we get the solution.

Always respect people around you irrespective of their position, because soft skills are more important than talent in the corporate world.

Your performance matters a lot; it should be good both at the individual level and also in a team. You should be reliable as a person who is good at the given task and do multitasking.

When we are in the workplace, we have a lot of people around us with various mindsets so maintain a positive attitude to them all the time. Try to motivate yourself and your colleagues by being helpful and educating them with new techniques to accomplish their tasks.

Finally, be disciplined at your workplace because that takes you to where you have to, elsewhere you don’t want to.                                

                                            All the best!!!!!!


                                                                      Charana Pulivarthi