5 Most Common Myths About working with A Start Up.

A successful businessman is a person who knows how to create opportunities. We live in a world of competitions where every moment we need to prove our competency. So, a student having a low grade in school has always been told about having a horrible career ahead in life.

I can remember growing up and always dreaming of wearing a suit and tie to work. It was my absolute dream. I was 14 years old at the time and my grades in school were awful and I didn’t exactly have the brightest future ahead of me. I always had these misconceptions about success and what it takes to achieve it.

After almost years of consistent hard work, I have successfully set up a sound and profitable business. So in this article, I want to focus on myths associated working with a start-up.

1.Myth: Compensation at startups is lower than average

Reality: “Often it is assumed that the pay in startups is lower than average because the reward is tied to equity and risk compensation,” But in fact, Startups are the companies which give a handsome salary based on your potential.

2.Myth: Working at a startup is a huge risk.

Reality: “The idea that working for a startup puts you at risk in terms of job security, long term benefits, etc. is simply not true.” Startups are the only platforms where an individual is known by their work he/she does, it provides good job security as startup companies have decent bonding with each employee and respect the professional efficiency and effectiveness of each employee.

3.Myth: Startups employers slave away 24/7.

Reality: “Another common myth is that people at startups work 24*7*365,”. The job hours are usually fixed in every company and startup also allows leisure time in office when an individual can engage themselves in an hour of recreation based on work pressure.

4. Startups are mostly unorganized.

Reality “Startups can be well organized if the employers have a unique insight about the future of the business”. Startups have a proper channel of communication and effective approach and methodology in solving a problem.

5. Joining a startup is a waste of time.

Reality: “Startup is a company which gives maximum exposure to its employees”. It gives good hands-on expertise in different work sectors and gives the employee the best possible chance to explore their different skills.

Joining the right startup can definitely be one of the best decisions of one’s life. If one is passionate about the work one does, a startup will definitely help to kick start your career and add a new dimension to your work experience.

-Jyothri Nag