4 Most Common Challenges At The Workplace

In your first job, starting out as an intern and stepping into your office for the first day as an employee is very exciting! You are ready to give your best and leave a great impression and will always be at your best at any given work. However, there are challenges that are often overlooked in shaping up your attitude and development at the workplace. Here’s a heads up on 4 such main challenges.

  1. Interpersonal Relations:

Establishing a rapport can be difficult in the beginning, because just like in school, you will find that people stick to their group of friends. They might not be inviting or take initiative to begin a conversation.

What you can do:

Understand that you need to take the first step. Approach your colleagues and start a friendly conversation. Building interaction about your common interests, and exchanging information about the kind of work you do, which can be very helpful.

  1. Attitude to Superiors

Neither all superiors are bossy and authoritative nor all of them are friendly and easy- going. More often you’ll find that your previous experience is very different from your current expectations. Sometimes even good bosses can fail to give you the right guidance.

What you can do:

Be curious. Don’t be arrogant. Learn all you can and if you think you are not clear about your job expectancy or have more to offer, try to communicate it very clearly. Don’t hold back or hesitate to ask questions and share ideas, and constantly keep trying to improve and keep up with your job.

  1. Extra Work

Sometimes, your superiors might ask you to take charge of some of the duties that don’t come under your domain or duty. In such a case, you will find yourself stuck between being flexible versus being strong.

What you can do:

Understand that saying no is not a bad thing. Be confident in rejecting something that does not come under what you have signed for. Having said that, it is very much possible that you can be a jack of all trades apart from your job. Therefore, think wisely before accepting any kind of work that you did not agree to deliver as per your job, but also make sure that you either get paid or compensated for your extra efforts.

  1. Give and Take Help

The first job is exciting for some people, while it is scary for a few others. Regardless of how you feel about it, the truth is that you are entering a new culture and things are going to be different than how you were trained. It is a real challenge because you are actually going to make a difference, and there is probably no re-doing.

What you can do:

First of all, know that however you feel is okay. Try to stay calm and be positive. Learn that the key to overcoming biases, pre-conceptions, fears, and doubts is through interaction. Talking to people at work will familiarise you with the ethics and norms of your company. It will expose you to its culture. Remember to be open-minded and listen before you speak. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Always try to get a better understanding of your duties and commit to delivering it as expected. Similarly, if you find someone struggling but are uncertain to open up, give them a chance and offer your help too.

  • Pranavi Gokavaram