4 Important Convincing Skills In A Job Interview

In life, we have to face many challenges. One of those challenges that we face is in our job interview.

In every job interview, we meet lots of new people and we try to sell ourselves with our skills, and then we realize what we know or what we don’t.

We need to stay ahead and enthusiastic all through the interview process.  This can be a challenge, especially when you are being interviewed for a job you love for.

Possessing strong convincing skills can help you as an individual leave a great impression and win over the audience.

Please check the below tips to ensure you showcase better convincing skills…

 Research About The Company, Tell Them What You Know

Do research about the employer and their industry; find out their requirement and the reason.

Be ready for the question about their company, if this question is not asked, try to demonstrate what you know about the company on your own.

For e.g. you can say, “I noticed that when you implemented a new software system last year, your customer satisfaction ratings improved dramatically.

I am well-versed with those latest technologies and this is my job in a dream company.  

You should be able to speak a lot about the company’s history, mission and values, staff, culture, and recent successes on its website.

If the company has a blog and a social media presence, that can be a great help for you.

Sync Your vision with the Company’s vision

Synchronize yourself with the company’s vision. Once you are able to synchronize your skills and qualities that the company is looking for your chance of getting the offer letter is almost done. 

Try to create a demand for your skill.

 Normally when people see that something is readily available they usually stop valuing it, the need or demand for the skill immediately goes down.

For e.g., If you get a packet of biscuits for your family or chocolates from abroad, it gets over in no time.

But if you get a carton of the biscuit packets from abroad, people in the house will usually stop eating them.

This is a human tendency, so people only value a thing that is rare or available in fewer amounts or which is difficult to get.

So, create a demand for your skills with the H.R.

You can find the domain the company is mainly focusing on, the programming language they are using for their projects and express your knowledge in that domain.

Keep yourself updated in different technologies in the mean while.

Gaining Trust With The HR

One key point in convincing a person is to gain the trust. If there is trust between two people the functioning becomes much smooth and hassle free.

Try to speak about your strengths referring to the real world. Never use fancy words to describing your strengths.

If you can master these simple tips while interacting with HR you can definitely get an opportunity to work with their company..

– Jayotri Nag