How To Answer ‘What Are Your Future Plans?’

This is one common question that you come across in every interview. Because the recruiters want to know if you have any further plans after being employed with them. Such as continuing your education, starting some side business, doing other part-time jobs, etc.

There are some very good students who in-spite of having a very good academic record, yet fail in interviews due to unsatisfactory answers given in the interviews. Therefore, one should be prepared for all the possible questions in the interview.

Coming to this question ‘what are your future plans?’ is asked to evaluate your consistency with the company, such as how long you would stick to the company? What would be your other plans along with doing a job with the company? As it would be tough to the company, if leave them in between.

Once the company recruits an employee they plan something accordingly, right from giving much important training.

The above question can also be split into two like, what are your long term goals? And what are your short-term goals?

The same question can also be asked his way ‘where do you see yourself in the next 3/5 years?’

The question is also to see how prepared and committed are you for the job with the company, and for how long you’ve been waiting for it?

If your answer doesn’t please them or if you don’t know the answer then just try to be good to them. Give answers such as I want to see myself grow to higher positions and earn good name and fame and grow with the organization.

If you try to show over smartness, it will reflect on your answer and you’ll be turned down.

Your answer decides ur employment with the company, as they are looking for someone who is a good fit for their company.

This question is a test for your agility mind with an immediate answer, to see how much thought you have given over it & about the job and also to see how prepared are you.

Try to be honest in your answers, always that has information about your future plans with time scale. If you have not prepared for the long-term goals yet, then just admit it, that is fine.

Which you should put as ‘right now, I’m only working on to achieve progress in my career. So, I haven’t given much thought about the long term goals, coming to my short term goals, ……………………………………………… you can mention anything that will please them.

Tell how important is the current job for your career in the long term, in terms of experience, skills, adds value to the career.

Always associate your goals and plans for your current job in some way or the other. Even if you are willing to take up some course, the answer should be helpful for the betterment of the current employer.

This way your vision and mission of employment will match that of the companies.

Don’t answer like this

Actually, I wanted to work for this company, roles…but due to so and so reasons…I had to take up this job or I just wanted to try/experiment some new areas or I just wanted to explore this domain also. No, don’t do that.

So, take care about what you answer and be prepared for such questions at-least once that would help you do well in the interviews.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad