1.Electrical Systems

Here’s how electrical systems is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  1. Design Electrical Systems predominantly for building construction projects including power distribution systems, lighting, and other signal systems using AutoCAD.
  2. Developed budgets, schedules, engineering analyses, preliminary designs and obtain resources for the design and installation/construction of electrical systems.
  3. Tasked to support newly formed group for VIP aircraft installing avionic/interior electrical systems including entertainment, lighting and oxygen systems.
  4. Coordinated utility outages for the hospital new electrical systems or modification of existing electrical systems are connected to current systems.
  5. Develop new locomotive applications for both mechanical and electrical systems based on unique customer requirements for new and retrofitted models


Here’s how autocad is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  1. Supplemented and revised AutoCAD diagrams and documentation accurately for developmental electronic communication, control, and monitoring systems and alarms.
  2. Designed in AutoCAD, installed and troubleshot electrical and control systems for pharmaceutical process equipment.
  3. Created and updated schematic and engineering drawings of electronic circuits using AutoCAD and SolidWorks.
  4. Generated designs utilizing AutoCAD, according to standards necessary for bids and proposals.
  5. Provided factory instructions such as drafting/modifying elevator controller wiring diagrams via AutoCAD.



Hardware is the physical part attached to a computer or other similar devices. Components are the internal parts of hardware which include RAM, hard drives, motherboard, and so on. External hardware devices which include, keyboard, mouse, printer, and so on are known as peripherals. All of these together are called computer hardware.

Here’s how hardware is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Conducted needed software and hardware purchasing arrangements for automated system facility Maintained and conducted risk assessments on spare part inventory.
  • Researched problems, planned solutions, recommended software and hardware systems and coordinated development to meet business or other requirements.
  • Managed and oversaw process of compiling and submitting Frequency Management Applications for various hardware units to the Federal Government office.
  • Provided on-site support to suppliers and customers during preliminary testing, acceptance testing and system integration of designed hardware.
  • Acquired extensive software and hardware design leadership experience within GE’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography divisions.
  1. Facility

A facility is a location where different operations take place. For example, military and athletic events take place in military and sports facilities. In a nuclear test facility, physicists focus on nuclear research. We can use the word to refer to structures, buildings, and resources that individuals offer for a specific function. Shopping facilities, for instance, are locations where we can purchase goods. Medical facilities may refer to either medical devices or a physical structure. A facility can be used to describe an installation or any other building which is a location where something can be done. It can also be an example of a commercial or administrative building such as a resort, school, office facility, sports stadium, or convention centre.

Here’s how facility is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Designed a building management system using PLC/HMI programming to oversee and manage customer’s utility systems throughout a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
  • Performed engineering and design for various projects such as institutional facility, educational laboratory, public facilities and high rise building.
  • Assisted in modifying and repairing electrical equipment, supporting facility lightning and grounding protection activities and performing electrical testing of components.
  • Ensured accurate implementation of manufacturing and installation specifications for Early Production Facility project; promoted to assist head of electrical department.
  • Supervised, designed and implemented electrical maintenance programs for power and control systems at an automotive plastic molding facility.
  1. Layout

Here’s how layout is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Designed second generation microprocessor-based data-input device (including schematic capture and PCB layout) for cloth inspection.
  • Designed lighting layout and electrical power distribution for commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Designed layout and installation of electrical wiring in business and residential properties.
  • Prepared layout and designed Medium- High voltage electrical power and distribution systems.
  • Designed electrical control systems including schematic and control enclosure layout.
  1. Electrical Design

Electrical design refers to the whole process and includes all the steps which are involved in the development of any electrical equipment. In electrical design, planning and managing the process of designing and development, creating the equipment, and testing it to evaluate the equipment’s performance are all integral steps.

Here’s how electrical design is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Determined electrical design characteristics utilizing knowledge of analog, digital, power theory, and electrical architecture within schedule constraints.
  • Collaborated with mechanical and manufacturing engineering regarding electrical design requirements and the impact they would present to each respective design.
  • Prepared electrical designs and performed calculations in support of water, environmental, advanced manufacturing, and energy brands.
  • Created detailed technical drawings of electrical designs according to specifications for residential, retail, commercial and industrial projects.
  • Utilized electrical tool install standard for electrical design of Intel’s semiconductor manufacturing and assembly test equipment installation packages.
  1. UL

Here’s how UL is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Designed and inspected high power switching industrial panels for UL certification and commercial installations.
  • Qualified electrical components including power transformers for UL listing.
  • Generated and expedited all UL follow up services documentation.
  • Designed an Intrinsically safe PCB for use in a Class 1 Div 2 environment according to UL and CSA approval standards.
  • Engineered new and advanced existing control systems to comply with new standards, set by UL, NFPA79, and OSHA.
  1. CAD

Here’s how cad is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Determined and documented proper procedures for importing and exporting printed wiring design databases between several company CAD systems.
  • Designed CAD drawings pertaining to electrical power distribution and lighting systems for facilities.
  • Reviewed and modified CAD Drawings to coordinate with other engineers/consultants and make presentations.
  • Assisted electrical and mechanical engineers in editing hardware schematics using CAD software.
  • Performed CAD design of electrical circuits and oversaw electrical machinery installation.
  1. C++

C++ is a general-purpose programming language that is used to create high-performing applications. It was invented as an extension to the C language. C++ lets the programmer have a high level of domination over memory and system resources. C++ is an object-oriented language that helps you implement real-time issues based on different data functions

Here’s how C++ is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Produce advertising commercial billboards controlled by a microprocessor (C++ programming heavily involved).
  • Develop utility shutdown feature for sterilizers using C++ language.
  • Develop a graphical windows interface in Visual C++ to collect data from the USB device, and dynamically graph the results.
  • Collaborated with teammates working on C++ code for the GPIO and Serial interfaces, such as the 1-Wire and I2C protocol.
  • Developed protocol implementation of Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (AS-4/JAUS) in C++ for command and control of unmanned systems.


  1. Control Systems

Here’s how control systems is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Engineered design appraisal of technical specifications including equipment functional specifications, P&ID, and control systems logic specifications.
  • Designed complete electrical and pneumatic control systems and supervised the assembly, installation and testing of custom material processing equipment.
  • Provided advanced procedures for calibration, repair, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and installation of industrial control systems.
  • Increased accessibility to control systems by creating and implementing read/write capable HMI/GUI interfaces linked directly to system programs.
  • Design and maintain protection and safety control systems of submerged arc furnace transformers and auxiliary components.
  1. RF

Here’s how RF is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Developed and analyzed prototype electronic RF circuits for improvement and modifications of Radar Systems to meet customer requirements.
  • Designed and installed systems for electrical RF and optical systems for government, military and commercial applications.
  • Collected and analyzed RF data to characterize an antenna installation for suitability against established performance goals.
  • Lead RF circuitry/system design engineer on cross-functional engineering team developing custom auto-tuning RF impedance matching networks.
  • Company RF expert responsible for all navigational aids and communication equipment on developmental and production aircraft.
  1. Engineering Design

Engineering design is defined as the method that engineers use to recognize and solve problems. It is an extensive and flexible approach to problem-solving and provides the necessary information needed regarding every step of the process. An engineering design is a collaborative effort of the team to identify problems underlying a process and find out ways to solve them.

Here’s how engineering design is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Drive reliability and maintainability requirements of new designs via participation in internal engineering design & development processes and similar forums.
  • Provided direction at all levels for creating company documentation standards, strategic engineering design/planning, vendor selection and budgeting.
  • Established electrical engineering design requirements for electrical components to ensure high standards of economic, safety and reliability.
  • Prepared and reviewed engineering designs and equipment specifications for adequacy of technical, quality, and other requirements.
  • Prepared and reviewed electrical engineering design, design specifications and engineering drawings for the gas turbine generator packages.


  1. Analog

An analog system refers to a system that uses continuously variable signals.

Here’s how analog is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Assisted design engineer by circuit simulation, design analysis and building prototype which involved of Power supply and analog circuitry.
  • Specified digital and analog instrumentation to operate equipment and regulate plant processes using pressure, temperature and flow control.
  • Designed and oversaw the upgrade to an engine health-monitoring system adding digital computing of previously mechanical analog signals.
  • Monitored 20+ differential voltage measurements for diagnostic and feedback purposes with an analog input data acquisition board.
  • Designed and developed analog and digital printed circuit board for company’s remote video security monitoring system.


  1. Project Management

Here’s how project management is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Power Distribution Project Management Design Management
  • Gained experience in all aspects of product development from conceptual design to production release, manufacturing, project management and documentation.
  • Provided project management of cognizant system work activities, including optimization, development projects and troubleshooting of in use equipment.
  • Provided project management for projects including project justification, budget planning, contractors and bid evaluation during purchasing process.
  • Provided electrical engineering support within the plant including emergency technical support, project management, and maintenance support.
  1. PLC

Here’s how plc is used on electrical engineer resumes:

  • Designed production machines on automated production with applying PLC controller and microprocessor on them.
  • Performed Maintained electrical components of ships Dynamic Positioning: Power and PLC Control
  • Developed motor elementary diagrams, PLC/DCS wiring and interconnection diagrams.
  • Selected instrumentation and PLC parameters from specification sheets.
  • Developed and implemented plant-wide PLC controlled systems.

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