10 Tips To Get A Job Referral!

When it comes to private jobs, half the jobs get filled through internal job postings and internal employee’s referrals. The job portals & recruitment drives would be the last phase for these companies to hire upcoming, new and fresh talent.

To top it, they’ll also pay the referrals for referring a potential candidate to the organization.

It actually works either way for the job seeker as well. He’ll get some valuable tips and techniques along with much-needed confidence to crack the interview through the referred employee.

Therefore, getting an employee referral is much important to get placed in some reputed private companies. If so, then how to get an employee referral? Is the question.

Today, lets see how to get an employee referral.

10 Tips To Get An Employee Referral


LinkedIn is a very potential networking site for all sorts of professionals. It is a online meeting place for jobseekers and givers. You can friend follow and befriend someone in any domain that you are interested. Share the knowledge and know about various upcoming events.

Once you get connected to someone, LinkedIn helps you connect more similar stalwarts in the domain.


You can find lots of groups, pages and communities on Fb regarding the job/profession. You can identify potential people based on their designations and befriend them with your pleasing questions. If possible, send a friend request directly to the company CEO and keep in touch with him. Today almost all companies, MD’s, CEO’s make their presence felt on various issues on social media.


Participate in Twitter Industry discussions. Today every business is open to the world.

Even if it is an apple company if it is launching any new product. They’ll announce it on their official social profiles. They’ll also discuss it online with some hashtags. So, this is the right time for you to participate in the discussion and suggest, raise doubts, give advice and show how much passion and knowledge you have in the relative industry and get a spot referral, if not directly from the company, but you’ll get noticed by some of the big guys from the follows list.

Befriend Employees Of Target Companies

If you are aiming some company or job, just befriend the employee of that company, build a rapport, slowly ask him all sorts of questions that will help you get a job in his company.

Once you learned the particular course or subject, ask him if you can use his name as a referral to attend the interview of the company.

Join Professional Groups & Organizations.

There are various professional forums, groups, and organizations on online, you can become the member of those groups, participate in industry-related discussions and finally get someone you can refer you for certain xyzzy role in xyzzy company.

Attend Career Fairs

There are various educational and job fairs happening every now and then in the heart of every city in India. They are the great sources to get the information links for referrals.

Though the purpose of the above fairs and drives is to learn about the new college/course and profession. But you’ll actually end up getting contacts and employee referrals.

Never Miss Your College Contacts

We never know who are liked minded like us, if your classmates have pursued a course along with you, obviously they too would be facing the similar struggles in terms of finding their first job or in the future. They’ll help you keep update your product and industry knowledge, finally, they can act as your employee referrals.

Look For 2nd Degree Connections

In the sense, your friend of friends can be in a job that are you are desiring, so, try to connect to him by politely sending a friend request. If that don’t work, follow him, be constructive in discussing his posts. If it works, he/she might refer you in the future course.

Look For Your Seniors In Your College

You know that it is not only you did that course; your seniors too have completed a similar course from the same college. So, try to find important contacts with important positions in the seniors’ list of your college and try to connect to them online. Over a period, it might work fetch you an employee referral.

Last but not least you can use websites like Star wire to get more similar employee connections for you to connect. So, use all the above tips to connect with maximum no. of people and get the desired job that you have been waiting for.

  • E.Hemachandra Prasad