10 Tips To Crack Any Job Interview!

There are certain simple yet important things that one need to follow to crack an interview and this is same for all sorts of interviews. Most of the times an Interview works for various reasons, such as the bad need for the employer, no.of vacancies.

Candidates performance, flexibility, location, body language, skill set. Salary negotiation and etc play an important role in recruiting the candidate.

Below are 10 important things that one must follow to crack an interview.

10 Tips To Crack Any Job Interview!

Understand The Job Requirement

Read the job description well, and understand what is their requirement and what skills are they looking for in their employee for what salary package. Check twice if you fit the role? Thoroughly analyze your strengths and weaknesses and the mode of the interview (any tests to be conducted).

Therefore, research the company well, look up for what educational qualifications, experience, and skills they are badly in need only then approach the company.

Revise Your Basics

In an interview apart from your presentation and soft skills, one important thing that they look for is your subject knowledge. Therefore, it is always better to revise your relevant subject before attending an interview. Be it as fresher or experienced.

Update and Rehearse Your CV

Don’t carry the same resume for all companies & all places, and keep it updating with more recent information. Know what you are speaking to the hr and is it matching to what you have mentioned in the resume.

Never manipulate the content in your resume, if you do, you’ll get caught. Always be honest with your answers and be flexible to the questions.

Prepare For Potential Interview Questions.

Consider why you are being interviewed and prepare accordingly. Prepare your answers to some of the most common questions. Practice a mock interview with family members/friends/Infront of the mirror if possible. Also, practice the voice, tone and body language. Consider some thoughtful answers to some unprepared questions. Sell yourself in every possible way.

Be On Time

See, it’s not that the company badly needs someone like you. So you can attend the interview late. They’ll be waiting in your said time for you to appear for the interview. Therefore, never waste the interviewer time and test their patience with your cock and bull stories.

Always try to be 10 minutes ahead to the interview.

Dress Properly

Never go in jeans, round necks and other casual and party wear to an interview, you are going to seek employment with someone. So, always remember that the first impression is the best impression. So, wear proper formal wear and groom well to an interview.

Don’t forget that ‘Dress to impress’ is the key to leave a positive impression.

Maintain Proper Body Language

The postures and gestures are very important in an interview, it shows how focused you are in the interview. The body language reflects your words, so sit straight, have a little smile and good eye contact. Make it interactive rather than only you speak or only the interviewer speak.

Be Confident

Overcome the fear of rejection, no matter if you get the job or not, always be confident with what you know, you have and with your answers. Your nervousness can hijack your brain at the time of the interview. So, never feel nervous. Stop talking to the other candidates in the waiting room, that can either imbibe their fear/you divert your concentration. Your fear can be treated as your inability.

Talk About Your Strengths.

Follow the interviews lead, be clear with your answers, customize them. Be useful to the company, ask some useful and constructive information about the company. Always be ready for instant tests. Given a chance ask them the right questions.

Ask For The Feedback

Most of them don’t provide the interview feedback. But, you ask for it, This way you can find your mistakes from the 3rd person perception and work on them or prepare those weak areas for the next successful interview.

With the above tips, hope you’ll succeed in an interview at any given venue in the near future.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad