10 Most Tricky Questions Asked In Interviews

You certainly won’t like few questions such as, “Why were you fired from your previous company?”, while you are sitting on the edge of your seat, full nervous, heart pounding and sweating. You have a few seconds and then you have to deliver a response as an answer to the questions being put to you.

So, here are few most tricky questions asked in job Interviews, so that you can be prepared scroll down to know what it is…

10 Tough Interview Questions That Make You Go, Blank,

1) Why were you fired from your previous company?

It is very clear that Getting fired from a company is not an easy thing to be discussed and you may at times get emotional to that question remembering the worst experience. Being Honest and clear is what I personally suggest. But you can also explain that situation as one of your life-changing experiences and portray it in a better way. And let them know what all preparation or practices you have done in order not to be fired by any employer ever again.

2) Tell me about a time when you had to work with a difficult person?

You can tell the Interviewer the truth, that it was your Ex-Boss, who was the most difficult person with whom you have suffered a lot, who was after you all the time, But saying this can be bad to you! So, while saying these kinds of stuff, you can add some sympathy to you within being empathetic for your boss such as, “though it was hard to work with him”, this can make then understand that you were struggling with him.

3)Why did you choose this profession?

Questions like these direct towards your passion and interest at work, which are related to the Jobs you are applying for. So, this question can either be for justification of your choice or to know how you just got it by chance?

So, focus your answer directly by portraying your passion towards the work and let them know why you have chosen this job for.

4) Where do you find yourself in few years ahead of now?

This question can reveal all your thoughts and plans about your career. Let him know that you are looking for one of the stable positions in the company earning profits for yourself and for the company as well such that, you satisfy the requirements from both sides following the “win-win” situation.

5) What was wrong with your previous Employer?

Never give responses about your previous Employer, even if he was really the worst person. Giving a wrong description of your previous employer may or may not give a negative impression for him, but it surely will give a negative impression on you.

So, if this question is asked in an Interview, just let them know that things didn’t work out well at your previous job but you have figured out what not to do, in order to not repeat the same.

6) Tell me about the worst manager you have ever met?

While asking this question, the Interviewer is not expecting an answer which includes if you want to push him from a cliff or ram him with a Juggernaut. He only wants to know what are the possibilities that you extract good out of a bad manager. So, tell the Interviewer, what qualities you have taken from your previous manager.

7) What was the worst job you have ever done?

Again this question is to trick you so that you can describe a wrong thing. State your own bitter experiences of the job and your struggles of life during that job, but instead, avoid speaking about Co-workers, Supervisors, Team Leads, Managers, etc… Try to speak little on this question.

8) What attributes do you have that can support you in this Job role?

Let him know that, if there is a profession you really love, you can just really fire up and say that it is why you have developed all the skills that give you the chance to zoom in a little, to show your excitement, to boost up energy and to portray your passion, with an ample and magnified vision.

9) Why did you leave your last job?

Let them know that you left the job not because of the people out there at your previous work but because of the situations that didn’t support you well. And you were not able to continue with that job because you lacked passion in that job and finally you have found a company which includes your passion and can fulfill all your dreams and goals.

10) Do you have any questions for me?

Here is your chance to finally ask all the doubts and questions. So, don’t just ask any question which you can find easily on the Company website or while surfing the Internet. Try to dig deep which shows that you really are interested to know how the company works. So ask questions like, “What is your long-term vision for the company?” “what are the biggest challenges your team is facing?” or “what does it take to be successful here?”

-Rahul Srinivasan