10 Changes the Indian Educational System Badly Needs!

It is quite often seen and noticed by everyone in India that, there are a lot of changes in the technology and development in India but not an appreciable change in its educational system. We are so advanced in technology but still, we use the blackboard to teach children in schools and those schools which have all the other facilities and they don’t want to add children of ordinary families to such schools.

Quality education is only limited to people who can afford it. We still believe in the orthodox beliefs and only scores are being considered here. Students study only to score high and then they forget the concepts because they never try to understand those concepts. When a child tries to imagine things.

We try to remove their power of visualization and ask them to learn what is there in the books which are limited. And the child obeys whatever is instructed to him. This way, based on these instructions, he surely can become perfect and obedient employee but never an entrepreneur, a businessman or a Scientist.

If the rule of considering marks is removed totally, and when a person is only judged based on his or her ability to do work, then people will grow up with even more creative ideas. They will then start to learn and understand but not blindly memorize the concepts. There are few changes that our Indian educational system badly needs, let us see what it is…

10 Changes Indian Educational System Badly Needs

1) Encourage Creativity, Innovative thinking: Educational Institutions have to understand that there is no use in blindly memorizing things. Instead, they should be explained the topics well with a limited syllabus and make them imagine/visualize it. For example, a student of some School may tell you that periodic table and its elements, but unless he understands why it is constructed that way and its importance, he really doesn’t know the value of it.

2) Give Us Skill Oriented Education: Students are given guides/books to memorize the answers, this way we’ll learn reading, writing and memorizing but not proper understanding things. If you really want great minds out of the Indian schools, then the students should be given real importance in giving them real quality education.

3) Get Smarts To Teach The Students: It’s very important that who is taking the burden of building the future of this country. So, only highly qualified and smarts should teach the students. Unless the teacher is very good, the student is not going to be good. Therefore, we should make sure highly dynamic teachers teach students in all colleges, but not the mediocre ones who teach Students.

4) Implement High Tech-Classrooms: India needs to accept the Internet and other digital gadgets in classrooms. Students should not be limited to books and libraries. But, should be given access to digital libraries, digital tools & applications. Internet with some restrictions, that will help them get what they want in this generation.

 5) Serve The Purpose Of Education System: Though we have many engineering colleges and engineering graduates at every corner in this country. We have very few innovations happening here and there compared to the rest of the world because we are busy copying others ideas, which should change.

Nobody is interested to put their full efforts to generate new ideas or new innovations. The purpose and objectives of our education system should this, to make people oversee our problems and come up with certain solutions.

6) Effective De-regulation: It only means to increase the progressive and exponential competition in the Educational Institutions such that it will not only allow the Institutions to grow but also help students grow with the institutions.

7) Eradicate the word “Mediocre” From Our System: nowadays people are happy and satisfied being mediocre, like Mediocre Students and Mediocre Teachers. Hard work is never easy, it is full of difficulties. But, if people will be thought to be successful at the very beginning before even starting, they will only think of being a mediocre person and would like to stay in their comfort zone. They’ll not work hard and just stay in their comfort zones which is not at all beneficial to him or this country in any way.

8) Customize The Education: The Indian education system is of Monolithic type, which assumes everyone to be on the same page and teaching everyone in one format. But this is not the reality, Because, few students learn through examples, few learn through various activities, few will only understand through practical’s, whereas few others learn through the visuals.

As every student’s method of learning is different, we cannot assume all of them to be on the same page. Every individual is special, born with special abilities & disabilities.

For example, it is taught that 5+4=9,

but if someone gives a new idea that 1+8, 7+2, and 3+6 is also = 9,

then that is also correct. Means, their perceptions are different and they’ll only get it that way.

9) Reservation Should Be Made Irrelevant: Gone are those days when Lower class or caste people were given less chance to come up in the society. Nowadays everyone is treated equally. Those rules of reservations were created to obtain this equality which we have now. And people no more require those reservations to get jobs in government sectors. students should be purely judged based on their talent, skills, and capabilities but nothing else. Neither marks nor reservations can help an entrepreneur get the best employees. It’s only a knowledge which is pure to be checked in people.

10) Allow Private Capital In Educational Sector: Government cannot provide education to everyone in this country. A person who truly wants to provide service in the education sector is not given enough opportunities to prove him/her self, instead, the politicians or the businessmen are giving chance to only hide their black money in the educational Institutions that they open. Proper opportunities should be provided to anyone those wants to serve in the field of education. The govt should understand that the students are the future of this country, pillars of this nation.

  • Rahul Srinivasan