10 Advantages of Learning MS-Excel!

MS Excel is one wonderful software application that is helpful to analyze almost all sorts of data & information. It is one solution for the current generation to evaluate, organize and analyze any volumes of data within minutes. MS Excel is one application that is a must for most of the corporate jobs and business groups to know more advantages of MS-Excel please scroll below…

10 Advantages of Learning MS-Excel

  • Instant Calculations

No matter how many rows and columns of content/numbers you have, it just gives the addition/subtraction/division or any other numerical value in a matter of seconds with its formulas.

This makes it easy to get the tallies in a fraction of seconds.

  • Easy to Edit

It is very easy to quickly edit and adapt the data. You can add any new data/edit the existing data as per your requirement.

  • 3rd Party Support

Your offline MS excel data file connecting to internet makes it work with any 3rd party application like Google docs, Open office. Org and several other similar spread sheet applications.

  • Multiple Spreadsheets in one file.

This is one major benefit that spread sheets offer. We can create the running record of any number of days, weeks, months and years. We can copy paste the formulas from one sheet to the other.

  • Easy and Effective Comparisons.

You can analyse large amounts of data and create various graphs, patterns and trends to influence your decisions. You also have features to sort, filter and search certain data easily and quickly. You can make tables, pivot tables, v-lookup, h-lookup, macros and other data items to help your decision making.

  • Works on a low configured PC

It can take up huge books of data into a small excel sheet. It can take up all agendas, budgets, calendars, comments, charts and diagrams, checklists, reports, schedules and time sheets in a small data sheet.

  • Graphical display of data

Spread sheet data can be transformed into various types of graphical displays with conditional formatting for the graphical presentation and printing purposes. This makes it easy for the learner to identify current trends and to jump into conclusions.

  • Cloud File Support

Since it supports Google drive & OneDrive or company Share point site you can access, edit your files from anywhere in the world. You can know when was it last edited through its history button.

  • It is fully touch screen supported

One good thing about excel 2019 is…. It fully supports touch screen technology. It also supports all forms of gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, palmtops and desktops.

Without any pain you can share the files.

  •  Security

A spread sheet can secure all its data secure from getting into the prying eyes. You can have a user id and password for all your sheets and files so that it is not misused. It also has a limited and multiple user access.

So, hope you too will learn the above important application called MS-Excel and succeed in your job promotions and other office work.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad