YouTube Channels That Can Be Helpful for Students in India

Video content cannot always be fun but also be informative. The knowledge that needs years of time and pain to acquire can be imbibed in a few minutes video. Instead of using YouTube to waste time with some funny videos, you can use it to learn and memorize various theories, concepts, courses, tips & tricks, formulas.

Below are the top 10 trending YouTube channels in India, that explores many interesting concepts in an easy and exciting way.

YouTube Channels That Can Be Helpful for Students in India

Study IQ Education

It is said to have more than 50 million views per month. They have video content on toppers talk, current affairs, UPSC exams, and various burning issues in India. The channel has got more than 9000 videos with around 5 Million regular visitors. So far, their videos have been viewed by around 55 crore times.

Be Inspired

This channel that has content about important events and moments in life helps you to stay focused. It will talk about interviews, work life, culture and to get away difficult times in one’s life.

The channel has around 5 million subscribers for just 77 videos and they have been watched for more than 19 crore times.

Crash Course

The channel has got tons of very short courses of all domains. It has courses in computer science, history, physics, philosophy, literature what not every possible subject.

Its videos have got more than 100 crore views and have subscribers of about 9Million and videos of about 1128. Below is the link to that channel.

Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker

His channel has more than 8.3 million subscribers with around 376 videos. He is one of the best leadership trainers in Asia, awarded by World HRD Congress. Author of more than 10 books and several good credits to his potential. His videos have been watched more than 44 crore times till now.

The Infographic Show

This is an educational channel with more than 5.4 million subscribers, having over 1000 videos with more than 100 crore views. The videos contain various facts in an entertaining way.

The Engineering Family

The video channel is actually owned by a husband and wife who are both engineers by profession, and they love exploring new things. Especially teaching math and career counseling. It has got more than 3.1 million subscribers with around 2699 videos to it and viewership of around 400 crore views.

Wi-Fi Study

This is one more interesting channel with interesting content for all subjects that has more than 11000 videos with an average of 3 million daily views.

So far, their videos have been watched by around 82 crore times and have more than 8 million subscribers to their channel.

It has both live classes as well as recorded videos. For more details please click the below link…

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a Non-profit organization, that gives world-class education for free, it has got more than 7 thousand videos on various subjects such as maths, science, chemistry, biology, physics, history, economics, finance, English grammar, and many more useful topics for students of all age groups. The channel is active since 2006.

Their videos have around 168 crore views to them. The channel has a subscription of more than 4.8 million subscribers.


It is a study channel for UPSC exams, State exams, Railways, SSC, Defence, Banks and other exams with live classes on current affairs and all other subjects. The channel has around 2 Million followers with more than 5 thousand videos with 15 crore views to them.

TEDx Talks

Last but not least, TEDx Talks has got more than 18 million subscribers, with 300 crore views to their 1 lakh+ video content.

The channel celebrates the local ideas to reach all over the globe. Here Speakers share their success & failure stories curated by themselves as per the guidelines of the TED format.

So, YouTube can also be your beloved educational resource with hundreds of educational videos on every subject for free. So, use it properly that will leave you in eager to learn more and be super successful in your respective careers.

E.Hemachandra Prasad