05 Emerging Technologies In 2019

The world is changing at a faster rate with the invent many new technologies earlier we didn’t have a smartphone, we didn’t have a fitness tracker, we didn’t have a smartwatch to that matter we didn’t have the mobile itself. But today the scene is different, all this is due to the immense hard work and innovative thinking of our scientists, technical people, who work day and night to make our life easy.

All the above is possible due to the study in their respective fields such as engineering and technology that decides our future in the next ten years. Today let’s see some new emerging technologies in the year 2019.

05 Emerging Technologies in 2019

1. Bio-Informatics: – This is one of the most fascinating data applications that use programming and software’s to build the data servers of biological information. It is in huge demand in the medical, pharmaceutical Industries and other chemical industries. Students those got graduated in this study is going to be in huge demand in the coming years.

2. Cyber Security: – We all know that today every transaction happens through online across the world. Therefore we use our emails, phone numbers, and other personal information. Every mobile app and web applications collect our data will location and asks access to our personal folders.

We never know which is a Phishing mail, spam mail and which is the genuine mail among them. So, all our personal accounts are under severe threat. People who graduated in building strong cybersecurity in the hyper-connected world is already in huge demand and are going to be much more demand in the coming days.

3. Internet of Things (IoT): – This is one of the biggest trends in recent years, i.e., If we have searched or purchased some products or services on online, Internet cookies will help the marketer/ or the manufacturer know our buying behavior and help them produce such products for the similar targeted audience. It will also help them analyze buying behavior or people in several ways.

4. Machine Learning: – This is a new thing that is increasing the limits of artificial intelligence, it learns about any person/community/given task/incident by analyzing their past data, and by tracking the repeated patterns associated with it.

For e.g.: Your Facebook profile can tell what sort of person you are psychologically, ideologically by analyzing your posts, comments, images, and its likes, shares & comments.

5. Immersive AR & VR:- Though we heard about this Augmented Reality and Virtual reality and mixed reality for long, it wasn’t fully developed. The current research and developments in this field are going to change how we enjoy music, music, games and other digital stuff such as educational & other technical platforms.

Still, there are more than 100 emerging technologies and research going on in several areas, keeping the focus on them can help you understand your employability future.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad.