05 Best Gadgets For Reading e-Books

As you are in learning period, you might come across several e-books online but you might be uncomfortable reading them, due to various reasons? But there are several user friendly gadgets that makes reading and absorbing knowledge easy for you. Let’s see what it is…

There are different online techniques to read books such as monochrome, eink screen to read the text ,the former looks like a paper with its lighting effect.

Some other gadgets to easily read books are…

Amazon Kindle (various models with in again), few other companies such as Sony reader is also good.

Tablets by various companies such as iPad, Samsung,, Android, Nexus that helps both for browsing net as well as reading books !

Smart Phones, certain smart phone offer e-reader apps with different text mode and e-reader to make reading easy for you.

Eye card Reader (Nose Clamp, its an electronic gadget , that makes small letter bigger and clearer).

Illuminating Reading Glass: It is a mixture of spectacles with illuminating light and focal length that acts both as a light and spectacles to read books, documents and other information clearly in dark.

Amber – Lensed Goggles : this is some thig, that acts like a physical filer to your device where you can wear on to your head. It blocks blue light from your electronic devices that reach your retina,

Nap Massaging Bed Rest : (Visit: http://www.hobbr.com/reading-gadgets) to know what it is, and how reading is fun through it).

Apart from the above android reading apps such as- kindle, Aldiko, Kobo, Google Play Books, iBooks help you book mark, continue form left and save your e-books.

Hope, you’ll make use of the above apps & gadgets in continuing your studies and come out with best results possible.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad