Update Your Social Media Settings!

It’s generally known to everyone that recruiters put a glance over your LinkedIn page. But, what about your all other Social media profiles? You know, your recent and other posts on your personal social profiles are being watched by the Recruiters. Now, you might think, “Why a recruiter would be interested in watching your personal profile?”

Such accounts are the places of interests, where the recruiters actually learn about you. As personal social account speaks volumes about a person’s views, ideas, and interests and it directly helps the recruiters to evaluate the person you are outside your resume.

A resume may surely say certain details about you, but your social account speaks a lot about your personality and this helps the recruiters to judge whether you are a perfect fit for that company or not.

Also, recruiters are looking for any bad signs, if you’ve one, that might help them understand you would be less than an ideal man or woman for that company. So, let us try to understand what the recruiters are looking in your personal profiles.

For Facebook:

The recruiters will always be interested in your “about me” section and the “photos” while checking your account. They’ll try to cross verify the details mentioned in the resume to that with the details mentioned in your “about me” section of your Facebook profile.

On the other hand, the hiring manager or recruiter will check, your way of using vocabulary and that if it matches with the professional resume you submitted.

For Twitter :-

Recruiters will check who the people you are following and the ones have connections with within the Industry. It’s a smart thing to follow someone from your Industry. Recruiters will verify if you use Twitter for the Controversies or for any useful information relevant to your trade.

For Instagram :-

Recruiters will check, the kind of followers you attract. Also, they want to see how do you address & treat normal people, which again gives an insight of how you behave in the company if they recruit you. Then, recruiters will consider the pictures you click, but not test your photography skills and mannerisms and about your personal life.

So, always put your social profile access to only your friends, else all your details will be out to some x person or an enemy of yours.

  • Rahul Srinivasan