30 Group Discussion Topics For Any Interview

Group discussion has become compulsory in most of the organizations nowadays to filter the candidates based on their public awareness, acceptance, listening skills, knowledge, attitude, and debating skills.

Below are some of the popular trending topics that will be useful for almost any group discussion including govt jobs. so, please have a look at them…


  • Is India ready to go 100% Cashless?        
  • Is the economically backward stats genuine in India & should it be revised for every 5 years?  
  • Is the Indian IT Industry contributing huge amounts to the US economy?
  • Is bureaucracy obstructing the economic reforms in India?           
  • Does privatization lead to less corruption?           
  • Is an MBA a rat race?           
  • India vs China, will India continue to remain way behind China? 


  • EVM’s vs Paper Ballots?
  • Impact of the Internet of things on our lives?              
  • Should the Internet be censored?   
  • Are soft skills more important than technical skills in an organization?     
  • Hard work or Smart Work?


  • Should India implement a Uniform Civil Code?    
  • Is it Mandatory to link Aadhar Card to all important transactions & Govt Schemes?           
  • Should India bring a bi-party system like the USA?   
  • Is criticism good or bad?              
  • Should we allow more women to join in Indian Army?    
  • Should we bring Foreign Media to India?          
  • MeToo vs Mentoo?        
  • Should homeschooling be encouraged in India?
  • Major reasons for Student Suicides?       
  • Is it high time to control our population?      


  • Should caste-based reservations be revised with economic status?        
  • Should govt increase the marrying age of youngsters to 25 years?   
  • Does Indian teen need sexual and reproductive health awareness as a part of their educational curriculum?               
  • Is cricket given more importance than other sport in India?          
  • Should politicians too have a retirement age?    
  • How professional are professional Companies? 
  • Importance of coalition politics in India?
  • Ethics in Politics – Is it a myth or reality?
  • By E Hemachandra Prasad