10 Soft skills In Demand In 2019

Soft skills, what are they? And how is it measured? Where can we come across people with great soft skills?

The immediate questions that come to our mind, when we hear about soft skills. Soft skills are nothing but the interpersonal skills, the person we are, our behaviour…apart from our academic/technical/hard skills.

So, Soft skills talk about our attitude, our communication, our behavior & body language, our confidence levels, leadership qualities, ability to cope with our colleagues and they are intangible, tough to measure unless we befriend/monitor someone in a long period of time.

Below are some of the top skills that most of the corporate companies either follow or look for in their employees.

10 Soft Skills In Demand In 2019

1. Adaptability/Flexibility

Adaptability is nothing but adjusting to the new work with new people. The capacity to adapt/modify yourselves to fit the new conditions with strategic agility in the everchanging environment is something that corporate companies always look for.

The ability to cope with new employees with different foreign languages, different situations with resourcefulness, persistence make them indestructible for a long time in the company.

2. Time Management

We have already discussed in length about its importance. Time management is a very important skill for anyone to multi-task and keep up with all important happenings around him…to know more about it, please visit the below link:

3. Collaboration/Team work

The process of two or more people uniting together to complete a common task/goal is known as collaboration/co-operation and it needs effective leadership, who has good knowledge on the company resources, problem-solving capability, critical thinking, sociality to be a good team player.

It is spoken in length in the below article, please have a look at it.

4. Persuasion/Communication Skills

Communication plays an important role in any transaction at any point in our life. In companies to deliver the service/ project or understand the information correctly, communications play a major role. It is also very important to persuade the team, ask questions, making requests, share information and negotiate based on the requirement.

It is a very important soft skill to maintain decent & professional interpersonal relationships within the organization. Over usage of any skill is dangerous and so is the communication skill.

Good communication with good tone can create a friendly atmosphere, open-mindedness, and empathy.

Please follow the below link for 16 tips to have a great communication skill…

5. Creativity

Creativity makes the difference in something value is formed. Creative thinking is very important in almost all walks of life. Creativeness helps in looking at the same problem from different angles with both convergent and divergent thinking. Helps us to solve any problem with the creative approach.

Creativity helps a person think out of the box with breakthrough ideas to incubate, invest and improve the production.

6. Accepting Criticism

When someone disapproves or disagree with your viewpoint or accomplished work, or find faults with it, it is known as criticism and how you react/respond to those situations is termed as criticism acceptance.

This occurs at any point in human life, not necessarily in the workplace. It is again your maturity/perception of how you look at it. If you are ready to take criticisms in a friendly manner with amicable discussions that will actually help you grow, which is also known as constructive criticism.

Being positive to the critics can be insightful, grow your knowledge, skills as a person.

Much is talked about this topic in the below article on how to accept rejection, kindly have a look at it.

7. Punctuality & Work Ethics

Punctuality is one more characteristic feature to see the soft side of a person, it talks about the time taken for a person to complete the given task in a given time, being to the office on time and meeting the target deadlines in time.

Not being punctual is insulting, seen as disgraceful to you, as you are wasting others valuable time. It also shows an impact on your character, discipline, your dedication towards work, lose respect. Therefore, being punctual is very important in the workplace.

Coming to work ethics a lot has been discussed about it in the below article please have a quick view…

8. Self-Confidence

People with self-confidence does wonders, it is about their thinking and optimism. They can judge their own skills and abilities with respect. They’ll have a sign of positive courage to go get anything in life.

Only a confident person can come up with solutions to any problem. He can set new goals, forget past insults and failures. He keeps learning new things, build relationships and he is a respectable personality in the social gatherings.

Whereas people with low-self-confidence often criticize themselves, postpone work or never try new things.  They hesitate to express/share their thoughts; they don’t try anything risky.

Therefore, one’s self-confidence depends on the kind of people one meets, interacts and get along with.

Please visit the below link to know ‘How to build self-confidence’ in detail.

9. Empathy

This is something very important to be a team leader. Empathy is not only important in the workplace but also help you grow socially in personal life.

Without empathy, you cannot understand one’s real problem. When you cannot understand one’s problem, you cannot either understand/help him learn his mistake and you’ll fail to influence your employees.

Empathy helps us read people’s problems, their situations and understand the situation accordingly to take necessary further steps.

10. Active Listening & Learning

This is the last important soft skill, but not the least skill, this actually makes a difference in once growth. It depends on how he monitors different conversations in different situations, helps pays attention, notices the change, quickly learns new things, all of them puts him in the front row at the workplace.

Active listeners have clarity on what one talks and what one does. They’ll be successful in the professional world.  He’ll be a problem solver and solution seeker for various issues at the workplace. He’ll be the first person to reach, to learn and connect in the office.

Hope, you’ll master all the above soft skills and be a front runner in any job and any office in moving ahead in job promotions, learning new things and solving problems and become a very important employee in any workplace you are in.

E. Hemachandra Prasad