Tips To Improve Your Self-Introduction In Job Interviews

Hi! Are you an engineering student? Are you passing out of your college this year? Then you have to read this…

Firstly, whenever we think of interviews, first thing that comes to our mind is HR-Round. Though we prepare several things for our job interviews, this topic is very important for you, because it is the compulsory and first question that every HR is surely going to ask and continue to the further questions.

As we all believe that “first impression is the best impression” so it where you must leave your best impression.

If your self-introduction is great, there are high chances of you clearing the further rounds.

Let’s see how to handle this question first…!

If the HR asks you- Please tell me something about yourself?

You can start First start with a small smile followed by your name…

E.g. I am XXXX or My name is XXXX.

In case if the HR calls you with your name and then asked your self- introduction then to start with your place and family details.

E.g.: If the HR starts with – Deepthi can you please brief me about yourself? then you must start with other information apart from your name.

start telling the place you are from. When you tell about your place, you may add something to it (If it is special).

For E.g. I come from XXXX, which is famous for XXXX

Next tell about your family. Don’t tell too many details about your family like their names, name of the institution in which your siblings are studying.

Just tell about how many people are there in your family, and what they do that’s it.

Then talk about your education details in reverse chronological order i.e. tell about the course that you last pursued then the before one and so on…

Then talk about your hobbies and interests. When you tell about your hobbies add what you learned from it.

For e.g. My hobby is dancing, which makes me more creative, energetic and physically fit.

Don’t tell your HR that your hobby is sleeping/eating/watching movies/ listening to music that makes your HR feel that you are lazy and time-wasting candidate.

Be careful with the hobbies what you tell. Instead, progress your introduction to your achievements, projects, seminars and workshops that you have attended.

Then you can tell about the people who inspired you or the people from whom you take guidance.

You can also talk about your strengths. But don’t tell your weakness until HR asks you.

If asked about weakness tell a weakness which is both positive and negative.

E.g. Tell that you are a workaholic, and who is bad at telling no to others and everybody wants to take advantage of it.  

Next tell briefly about your projects that you have done.

It can be a major project or mini project. Keep in mind that HR may ask more questions about your project or pick questions from your self-introduction. So just have a quick review about your project before the interview.

Finally, tell about your aims/goals. Your goal should be relative to your job role.

By Charana Pulivarthi