Stop Thinking And Start Working

Good evening sir,

I decided to stop thinking and start doing my work.

I decided to stop judging my work—to suspend my disbelief about whether I could do it or not and good enough to act as I know it.

I decided to stop judging myself—to stop betraying myself for the skills I lack and simply focus on the task in front of me.

And I decided to stop judging the process—to consider that may be very slow, timid or not happening exactly how and when it needed to be, so there’s really no reason to paralyze myself in shame.

Then I wrote one short section pitching my work. And the next day. And another day after that. I wrote what I could, as best I could, in a small amount of time that felt manageable, until my energy and focus ran out.

I’m not finished yet, and I have several ways to go, but I have a start. I’m sure I could improve with what I have, and found that I have something. And in the remaining time, I’ll make it even stronger.

Thank you sir.

-Revathi Kamineni