How To Handle A Rejection!

Not all the time, at all the places you’ll be successful, we’ll also be unsuccessful at certain places for various reasons. One should know how to handle this professional rejection. It is said that the initial rejections at the workplace will only direct you for a great future acceptance.

Rejection in the job search is not always your fault, it can be a rejection for several other reasons but not you. One must not lose his hope and trails as it is the most common thing in the world. The only way to succeed is to keep on trying and stay positive.

Keep Trying Till You Get The Best One

And if you get placed in some job, don’t just settle with one little skill set. Always keep trying to learn more and more skills and for a better & bigger role.

Always Ask For The Feedback

Though most interviews don’t give you feedback, keep asking them the area of your failure for improvement & to retry.

How To Deal With Rejection At Work

After getting a job also, the boss may not like your work, you may be rejected at promotions or not given priority in the assignments or turned down to lead a group. So, try to manage your emotions, ask for honest feedback and gather the information for your failure. Also, don’t stop your work and start to fight or explain the reasons to people who criticize you, if you do that, you’ll have to do that all your life. So, just stop reacting to them and start working to succeed.

Be Prepared For It

Means, always be prepared for failure. This will actually calm down your anxiety, will not hurt you that much than being unprepared for rejection. It helps you in two ways 1. It will either help you to raise the benchmark of your work (or) 2. It will not hurt you that much.

Learn From Your Rejection

Always understand that rejection is a progression but not the regression. So, Work on your weak areas, take criticism positively and work towards fixing it. Make sure that the right people know, you are working towards your improvement. Ask for little time for your improvement and keep up the word.

Be Critical About Yourself

Before somebody rejects you or put you down, be critical about your own work, question your self about your work such as what can the company or client get out of this? What is missing in this work? If possible take help from your friends and keep challenging your self.

Don’t Become Emotional

Sometimes people feedback might be very bad or even worse about your work but don’t take it personally. Treat yourself with compassion and always try to be cool and constructive in taking decisions & criticisms, know that you cannot satisfy all the people all the time but in a few times.

Take It As An Opportunity To Learn

If you take any successful person in the world, nobody is an exception to criticism, be it Newton, Edison, Copernicus, Galileo, etc they all faced criticisms and rejections but they continuously kept learning from their mistakes, so should be you. If you stop trying/doing your job fearing criticisms you’ll end up going nowhere.

So, always stay positive. Know that with each ‘NO’ you are moving closer and closer to a permanent ‘YES’ but doesn’t allow the ‘NO’ to control your future. So, Stop thinking about it and start acting over it.

  • E. Hemchandra Prasad