How To Handle A Telephonic Interview?

As everything happens online these days, your good resume on online might caught the attention of some recruiter from a reputed company and they just can’t wait to talk with you, before somebody else does. So, they’ll make a call immediately or want to screen you unexpectedly to know you’re your spontaneity or to filter you.

So, when you make your resume go online, be always prepared and attentive to unexpected calls /unscheduled telephonic interviews from some or the other company.

The sudden interview call will mostly be to filter you, to check if you are worth enough for their company and to know how far you are true to your resume. The further steps following the telephone calls are your face to face interview.

Telephonic interviews can also save your time and expenses of attending apart from saving theirs.

So, to screen you / shot list you the hr will call you anytime and start shooting some unexpected questions at you.  

Telephonic interviews are also conducted for the people who are in different locations and those are unable to attend the face to face interview in person for various reasons.

For a scheduled telephonic interview, you can do some homework as you do for your regular interviews unlike answering spontaneously like to the unscheduled interviews.

So, for all sorts of interviews be it scheduled or unscheduled listen to the recruiter thoroughly and answer her with the appropriate answers without interrupting his/her talk and understand what he/she is trying to get from you.

Tips for An Effective Telephonic Interview

  • As we already discussed one of the several reasons why companies call for a telephonic interview is to quickly screen the candidate and eliminate him/her if found not worthy.
  • So, always take your telephonic interviews seriously as you do for in-person interviews. Pay same attention, politeness and spontaneity in your answers like you do while you are at their office.
  • Keep all your distractions at bay while you are on the phone, make sure no family/friends disturb you. Sit in a separate place and focus on your job.
  • Never interrupt the hr/ dominate the conversation as that might give a negative opinion about yours, as you are away to the interviewer.
  • If possible, keep your resume handy (the same one that is on the web) along with a piece of paper and pen to jot down all the points that she is highlighting. It will also be useful for your future reference or for you to help while you face other interviews.
  • Express your excitement and interest for the opportunity in your talk and have a bit smile in your voice that sends the positive signals about you.
  • Always sit straight and attentive at a table or desk in a peaceful room because your body posture will reflect in your voice, while you talk to the hr.
  • Avoid eating, drinking, smoking and chewing while you are at a telephonic interview as that can be easily perceived by them to evaluate what you are.
  • Give gaps between each question and rush to answer immediately. Just relax and be thoughtful, concise and thorough.
  • Greet them professionally, speak clearly with no fumbling or nervousness, such that they get all you have been communicated with them and sound confident in your answers.
  • Keep practicing mock interviews on the phone in a professional manner to your family members/friends whenever possible.
  • Turn off all mobile notifications, call waiting and other electronic devices while you are in a telephonic interview and if possible, keep a glass of water near you.
  • Stop using slang in your answers and if possible, use a cheat sheet that contains your answers for the most expected questions. Don’t talk in length about your personal life and waste their valuable time.
  • Don’t put them on hold in between and stop using fillers such as umm…ahhh…uhoo…types.
  • Also, be concise and stop giving 10 marks answers for a 2 marks question.
  • End the call with a clear next step of the further rounds and don’t forget to follow up after an interview.
  • Don’t hesitate to take time for a few seconds to think for a better response. But make sure you don’t take breaks during your interview call.
  • If you are currently working with some organization, then don’t do your interview call at the workplace. Be prepared with your answers for the most common questions asked. Focus on your voice and language and the speed of your talk.
  • Stop doing multi-tasks while you are at an interview.

Some Common Tele-Interview Questions

  1. Tell me a little about yourself?
  2. Are you ready to relocate?
  3. Would you like to travel for the operations round?
  4. Why do you want to leave your current company?
  5. What were your responsibilities in your current job?
  6. Given an opportunity, how soon can you join?
  7. What are the major challenges and problems you are facing in your current company?
  8. Ask some follow-up questions that show your interest in the job!
  9. What is the relevant experience you have?
  10. What are your salary expectations?

Finally, don’t forget to send a thank you email for their valuable time of arranging a telephonic interview, that saved your time, money and energy.

  • E. Hemachandra Prasad