Everything Depends On Your Perception!

We generally come across various kinds of happenings, events, and situations in our daily life and this piece is about one such experience that happened in my life. Scroll down to know what it is…

Once, I was addressing a gathering of 50 students and I showed them my index finger and asked, “What it means to them?”

A few said its one, some said it’s just a finger, a few other said – I’m pointing the sky, and the one guy who is sports freak said it’s ‘OUT’ in cricket.  

Just by looking a simple sign they gave me multiple perceptions. Therefore, is life all about what we perceive?

If so, what is one’s perspective? And what should it be? Do we have the right one? Or should we change it?

Let me emphasize bit more on this…

For e.g., If a Glass is half filled, how to perceive it? is it half full or half empty?

We all know the above example, still, we often get confused about how to perceive it, is it half full or half empty? Your perspective lies in your answer.

If you say it is half full you’re an Optimist (Positive thinker), as you can see the positive side of it (half full).

If you say it is half empty, you are treated as a Pessimist (Negative thinker) because you neglected the half full of water.

Whereas a Science person would put the same answer in a different way…

If the glass contains 50% fluid by volume and remaining 50% with gases (if one assume a natural earth atmosphere contains 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen by volume then the glass is full).

So perception depends on how a person looks at certain things and how deep he/she perceives it.

Perception also depends on various factors such as beliefs, assumptions, common sense, maturity levels and various other factors.  

Similarly, An optimist doesn’t see different things but sees the same thing differently.

Now, what if our perspective is wrong? Should we change it? Let me give you a few examples on this…

  1. Once Edison used to conduct chemical experiments in his small laboratory that he set up in his train baggage car. During one of his experiments, a chemical fire broke out and the car caught fire. A common person would have thought all the work Edison did has gone waste. But, Edison said to himself “thank god all my mistakes are fired”.

So, one can imagine what an optimist Edison used to be…and now we all know, what a great scientist he was..! So, what do you think is the reason for his greatness is it his optimism? or his perception??

2. How many of you know about the history of our Indian metro rail project? When this project was initially proposed, most of our engineers and politicians thought it is impossible to have a metro project in India due to its clumsy roads and overly crowded population.

But it was one person Mr. E. Sreedharan, who has seen the possibilities of constructing a metro rail project in Kolkata. He successfully conveyed his idea and completed the first metro rail project in Kolkata and today his optimism has lead the country to have one of the most modern infrastructures in every big city of this country.

So, don’t you think that it is Mr. E. Sreedharan’s perspective that this country has got a metro rail project??

  • Similarly, we see many students with less GPA, with more backlogs and are college dropouts.

You know how people look and them and perceive them! But there can also be a chance that the college dropout has a clear idea of what he has to do with his life! isn’t it?

Maybe he may have a great plan to set up a certain business? Maybe he wanted to learn while he earn.

One should note that only people with different and unique perspective have become successful so far, there are lots of people who are successful without any degrees.

So, never judge a person by his looks or marks. It’s your perspective that makes the person you are. So, take care of your perception is it optimism or pessimism and build a successful career.

  • By Anjali Bodduluru